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Goa is one of the most famous holiday destinations that Indians are fond of. It is a dream of almost everybody to see the blue seas of Arabian Sea and to have some fun in the sand. Holidays are really important to us as they help us in refreshing ourselves. Along with that we also need to have different experiences in our life. As we all have heard that Goa is very beautiful and is a rich coastal area. It has good food and hospitality at its core, and everyone loves to experience it at least once in their lives.

Anjuna beach is a famous tourist spot in North Goa. It is located in a small village and has its root in the Portuguese culture of the place. This beach is also one of the most admired destinations for trance parties and flea markets which are held every Wednesday.

One of the most important needs of any holiday in our hotel or resort. It is crucial as it is the place for our relaxation and the much-needed sleep. Often people settle for places that aren’t up to the mark and give them trouble. But we should always remember that our holidays should be stress-free. It is upon us if we want to splurge on our dream holiday. One of the best places to stay in Anjuna beach is Dreams Palm Anjuna which is breathtakingly beautiful.

The hotel has been made by keeping the guests in mind, and they have services available 24*7. It has a lot of rooms, and former guest has raved about it pretty well. It is also good for people who have cars as it has to park available for them. Also, a restaurant and bar are present for guests so that they do not have to go far for availing such facilities.

Features of the Dreams Palm Anjuna Hotel:

• The accommodation available in the hotel is the Standard AC room which is good for accommodating 2 adults. Along with that, the rooms are quite spacious, and everything is spic and span. As the housekeeping staff and attendants are available always, you can even call them in case of being unsatisfied. You get clean bedspreads and a clean toilet on your visit.

• The rooms are very spacious, and the beds are well maintained. We often have crammed toilet in budget hotels, but this hotel makes sure that you have a good bathroom. The bathroom is well maintained, and every part will be working. They also provide you with fresh towels and toilet soap once you check in.

• Every room also has private balconies with chairs which help you in sitting out. It is a great feeling to sit in a windy area when we have a holiday on the seaside. It is also great for relaxation and for enjoying the scenic beauty throughout the day.

• Holidays are best when enjoyed by family, and that is the reason why many people come by car. But keeping it in a safe place is often a responsibility. But Dreams Palm has made sure that customers do not have to fret about their car. They have free parking, and they make sure that your car is safe.

• Along with the room, you will also need some necessary things to keep you satisfied. In the age of technology, it is essential that hotels provide free Wi/Fi. Along with that the also have the availability of room service which is quite useful for tourists. The hotel also has power backup which can help immensely in case of power outages.

• The accommodation can be booked from online through their website. This is helpful as you can pre-plan your holiday and get notified about the availability. The hotel also can be booked from booking.com if that is more sustainable to the visitors.

• The location of the hotel is also very attractive for all the visitors. It is situated 22.5 Km away from the Dabolim airport which is nearest to Anjuna beach. The famous Anjuna flea market is just 0.1 km away, and the beach is 0.3 km away. The location makes it easy for anyone to avail the location very easily. Our hotels are also chosen based on the places that we will be able to visit when we are staying in them. The tour is incomplete without looking at natural beauties and what the surroundings have to offer. So, let us see some of the attractions that you can see while staying at the Dreams Palm Anjuna Hotel.

• The hotel also provides sightseeing packages to guests who are interested in them; the sightseeing can be done in both North and South Goa. The hotel also has the availability of cars and bikes that can be rented to make your holiday unique and memorable. Water sports are a big fun in Goa, and that is why the hotel has kept an arrangement for it too.

Places to see when in the Hotel:

• Panaji is the capital of Goa and a must-visit destination. It is rich with the Portuguese influences, and every bit of it is worth visiting.

• Calangute is a beach that is known for its natural beauty and travelers can find peace in the place.

• Vagator beach is near to Anjuna beach and is known for its natural beauty. Near to it is Chapora river where the historical Chapora Fort is situated.

• Fort Aguada is the remnant history of Marathas and Portuguese invaders. It is a must visit place if you are a history buff and want to know more about Goa.

Goa is a marvelous place to visit, and we are sure that the Dreams Palm Anjuna hotel will make your stay more valuable and memorable. The hotel is very nice, and they have made all the contact information available on their website for any queries. We hope that you spend a wonderful time in Goa.


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